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Muslim Youth !

Muslim Youth :)

O young people Hold on to your young fresh blood For you it will show who you are So be careful of your thought emotion and action
O young people Always make an effort  to be a better muslim For you it is not difficult Lets be the best to help the ummah!
O young people Try to lead yourself and others cause they need khalifah in this last era of the world to be safe in the hereafter
O young people Don't play with love If you not ready to be parents Cause household need to be build  with a balance capability
O young people Love knowledge before you love somebody cause knowledge make you human regretting earlier is the best while after will be worst
O young people Be cautious of your free time As it will flew with great things bring people to do good deeds please Allah more frequent 
O young people Do not give up and chase your dream as Allah will always help with your great effort not to lose He will fulfill your wishes 
Wake up young people Be strong in facing all…

Flashback 2014

What have I done in this year?

awal tahun bermula sesi pengangguran sebab lepasan STPM..
okay its so bored to be ex stpm than ex spm.
sebab apa? degree punya intake memang akhir tahun la. lama tunggu.
to be sad and frust, I didn't get any university and I've lost the first chance to
study abroad! (Surabaya)
what a waste of time kan .kalau lah senang dpt permission. DREAMING!

Emm.. masuk madrasah tu bukan dalam plan.
Hanya cadangan daripada empunya Raudhah untuk mengisi masa lapang sambil
menunggu kemasukan universiti. yeah, I am the only one who got special offer.
special lah sangat kan, aku sorang yang tak confirm akan ke surabaya.
well at first its not easy to get dad's permission.
I just hope that Allah will give me the best while I'm being patient
to wait for further my study...

tapi kan, tahun ni saya perasan - saya sangat aktif untuk berprogram ..
ya lah, kan duduk dalam Raudhah (dorm) senang la nak pegi sana, pegi sini.
kalau kat rumah, agak terhad dan a…

They are my Osem Friends. Luv you fillah! -Part III-

Come back with part III
okay, today actually not feeling good, fever with their twins cough and flu
hehe, so I just try to post even not feeling well.

I will continue. . .
who's first jeng jeng jeng!

0894 - you, you're a big sister to me. and can be best friends when it goes to chit chatting.
Haha, mun part cerita nya nang no satu lah, xpat nak menyampuk sikit ada jak sambungan nya :P
she's very kind and xpernah kedekut. murah hati gilak . haha. suka spon makan, so a big thanks to you!
so sporting and I thought she have her own style of mad, giving advices and actions.
I've been close to her so I know her well. don't judge her when you don't understand her. haha
a kind of warning, no I thought just reminder. I've learn a lot from her and that why I love to hang out with her, sharing stories and sharing problems. but sometimes I feel pity for her because.. okay never mind cause I love her fillah .She is.. hehehe

9110 - she's also a big …

I will keep walking

I will keep walking although it's too hard for me to choose where should I further my study its between my wish and Dad's wish Allah, give the best for me ...
I will keep walking although it's hard actually to be a leader and in the same time to be a role model 'qudwah' I should face the best and the worst  Allah, give me strength  ...
I will keep walking although it's a bit lonely to lead a programme without your same age friends  same thoughts, same feelings, same ideas Allah, give me spirit ...
I will keep walking although it's a bit difficult to handle people of many types friendly, hot tempered, unfaithful, dishonest, kind whatever it is, should be changed toward better attitude  Allah, guide me ...
I will keep walking although there are tonnes of people dislike me whether me myself, or my company or my family people never be silent Allah, grant me tough heart ...
I will keep walking although I know my weakness and scarcity I am changing and still wan…

Let bygone be BYGONE ~

This will be the last, after this no more .

Terima kasih ya Allah sebab dah bagi pengalaman mengenali seseorang yang
mungkin adalah pengajaran buatku.

"People come to your life as blessing or as lesson, be grateful"

She's kind .
Hmm.. I'm stuck .

Dia memang seorang yang baik sepanjang perkenalan.
Dia seorang yang rajin. Rajinnya kadang sampai tak terlayan.
Why am I stuck here, don't know what to type. . .

Kenal dia, aku dapat sedikit sebanyak yang aku selalu impikan.
tapi benarlah, semuanya sementara. Allah nak uji kan, bila Allah betul-betul bagi,
kita syukur tak? adakah dengan pemberian Allah tu, kita jadi makin dekat
atau makin jauh dari Allah?

".. tetapi boleh jadi kamu tidak menyenangi sesuatu, padahal itu baik bagimu,
dan boleh jadi kamu menyukai sesuatu padahal itu tidak baik bagimu.
Allah Maha Mengetahui, sedang kamu tidak mengetahui"

thats what I've just said, maybe I like the situation but its really no good for me.
I've l…