Let bygone be BYGONE ~

This will be the last, after this no more .

Terima kasih ya Allah sebab dah bagi pengalaman mengenali seseorang yang
mungkin adalah pengajaran buatku.

"People come to your life as blessing or as lesson, be grateful"

She's kind .
Hmm.. I'm stuck .

Dia memang seorang yang baik sepanjang perkenalan.
Dia seorang yang rajin. Rajinnya kadang sampai tak terlayan.
Why am I stuck here, don't know what to type. . .

Kenal dia, aku dapat sedikit sebanyak yang aku selalu impikan.
tapi benarlah, semuanya sementara. Allah nak uji kan, bila Allah betul-betul bagi,
kita syukur tak? adakah dengan pemberian Allah tu, kita jadi makin dekat
atau makin jauh dari Allah?

".. tetapi boleh jadi kamu tidak menyenangi sesuatu, padahal itu baik bagimu,
dan boleh jadi kamu menyukai sesuatu padahal itu tidak baik bagimu.
Allah Maha Mengetahui, sedang kamu tidak mengetahui"

thats what I've just said, maybe I like the situation but its really no good for me.
I've learn from it and I will more careful after this.
knowing that Allah loves me more than human do, He knows what best for me .

From her, I've learn to be more independent .
to be more matured in any situation.
to be tolerant and patient to others.
to be more resolute.

thanks to you, I've share many things to be keep as memories, as if I can , just throw it all.
thanks to you, I've learn to know more about different people, different style.
thanks to you, I've practice to be stronger facing tough situation
thanks to you, I've clean my eyes well !

by knowing you well, I've learn to be wise to be close to anyone.
maybe I am no longer dare to be close to anyone like I did to you.
because too close make I lost my connection to my Creator, devils play his parts lively!
after all, I'll be close to people but bear in mind that never get too close.
because, devils will not stop bothering the generation of Adam till the day of judgment.

well, now I can be strong
now. i can be independent
now. i can control my emotion
and now i can go against you
and believing that Allah loves me more.
let bygone, be bygone.
let the past erased by repentance to Him.
I want to change and I am in process to change.
I may not enough matured, but I am towards it.

you may look down on me cause I've cry a lot.
you may snarl to me cause I've soft spoken
you may not respect me cause I'm weak
you may leave me cause Allah has replaced you with the good one

betul lah.
jika kita redha dengan apa yang hilang, Allah akan gantikan dengan yang lebih baik.
mungkin yang Allah tarik itu, tak baik untuk kita .
jadi, Allah gantikan dengan yang lebih baik dan tetap memberi ujian .

atleast aku sedar and mok berubah.
lepas tok xkesah lah apa nak dipolah kau. its up to you.
if that make you happy, I'll happy too.
I will bear in mind to think only good and never talk back about you.
I will try to forgive and forget, will try.
and I hope that you make a change to, be loyal and never repeat what have you done
to me to others, got it?
I may not be your favorite sister anymore
and you're not my enemy though.
but now you're just somebody I used to know , SMILE! 

to you, I am really sorry for my mistakes.
but I don't force you to forgive me.
Live happily!


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