They are my Osem Friends. Luv you fillah! -Part III-

Come back with part III
okay, today actually not feeling good, fever with their twins cough and flu
hehe, so I just try to post even not feeling well.

I will continue. . .
who's first jeng jeng jeng!


0894 - you, you're a big sister to me. and can be best friends when it goes to chit chatting.
Haha, mun part cerita nya nang no satu lah, xpat nak menyampuk sikit ada jak sambungan nya :P
she's very kind and xpernah kedekut. murah hati gilak . haha. suka spon makan, so a big thanks to you!
so sporting and I thought she have her own style of mad, giving advices and actions.
I've been close to her so I know her well. don't judge her when you don't understand her. haha
a kind of warning, no I thought just reminder. I've learn a lot from her and that why I love to hang out with her, sharing stories and sharing problems. but sometimes I feel pity for her because.. okay never mind cause I love her fillah .She is.. hehehe

9110 - she's also a big sister to me. I miss her. I never found someone like her before but it a bit challenging
when get close to her. hehe. nice and generous, knowledgeable and just come to her if you have anything to share, but remember! share everything first to Allah, then only to human :) that her advice. I've learn a lot too form her, her background and her real life stories. Sometimes she act like a mother , when she show her love and the way she act . I feel comfortable and grateful to have her beside me . I thought she want a balance life here and her hometown. So, I start to understand and try to help. Anyway, she's good and I love her fillah. Just guess.

2794- she's a kind of crazy friends I have. Sometimes annoy me so much but I still love her and I miss to fight with her haha! She's kind and never get mad but just sulking hehe. She a person who you can trust and always be natural when there a trouble. A big thanks to her cause she has her 'special skill' to bring us anywhere HAHA . I love her ways when she's never give up and pantang dicabar! tapi, berpada juaklah sayang oi.. haha , I just hope that you'll be more superb than me one day, and I hope you'll understand more about different gender relationship haha. okbai!

8495 - yeah she's always annoying to me especially her blurr part. Haha, I guess everyone know who you are. By the way, she's quite kind and understanding, always be there when I need yerrr.. haha
a special thanks to you cause you understands me well and always support me even I'm really down!
And I hope I can be like that too :) We have many similarity and that made us close . haha.
although she always annoys me but I just have to be patient and just laugh or just silent. And I hope you'll understand relationship as well as my understanding now. Hehe, peace !

okay, thats all for this time.
will be continued..

well, they're friends of mine
and you have no right to judge if you don't really know
their true person and life stories.
I know them and I love them
and I hope that my love for them never exceed my love for Allah
moga Allah redha dan pegang hati-hati kami supaya sentiasa menjadi hamba kepadaNya

"Sesungguhnya setiap yang bergelar muslim itu bersaudara" 
sahabat yang baik adalah yang saling mendoakan
saling memafkan dan saling berpesan!


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