Di sebalik tabir W.F.S. :)

Assalamualaikum and hye!
today was big event for me and other sahabat.. :)
there's a lot memories in the making of the pogram..
weekend fun series program..

there's so much trouble comes in the early morning..
Saya dah ask my sahabat to come early at 8 o'clock..
I woke up 4.40 am.. to do some prayers..
and continue doing my houseworks and prepared the foods..
until 7.50 I've just can breath smoothly..
I just a bit 5 minutes late! but there's no one there yet.. -.-
haha.. but it's okay.. I waited them..
some said on the way, but actually still at home! :D
some said she might bit late cause not feeling well.. it's okay girl.. :)
some said waiting her father to pick up from a far place..
I'll just wait and wait until Miss Z come.. :)
then she said there's no projector.. the hall still locked!
Oh no.. just be patient.. should wait for Miss S to come and get the key..
and so, she said the projector was not in the buildings!
Oh, there's a lot to be patient..

if you were in my shoes? ottoke? haha!!
then, just wait Miss S and we've just start the pogram..
Miss H just go smooth with her taa'ruf.. :)
but me? I've prepared videos... but it just wear laptop.. -.-
I just feel guilty and uneasy when the projector can't help..
when I want to elaborates points from the videos..
"oh, kelunya lidah!!! asal xnak berkata-kata?"

rasa cam me tak wat betul-betul...
urghh.. guilty nya.. tp okay la dengan aktiviti yang lain..
walaupun pengisian express daripada Miss S..
but, mabruk! it's very useful I thougt... :)
and continue with the games.. a bit fun..
seeing the nervous faces of them.. :D
mabruk also to Miss D.. hihi.. so brave~

then the other videos..
hopefully the videos can help them know more
about "happy circle".. :)
then, a so simple gifts from us.. hope will be useful for them
inshaAllah :)
then, enjoyed the food!! uwaaa..
there's so much talents in preparing food and drinks.. :)

and the last!!! the grateful the most..
haha. apa punya ayat lah.. broken!
5 orang princess berjaya membentuk satu bulatan gembira!!
syukur alhamdulillah Ya Allah.. :)
I've just said sabar akan menjanjikan yang terindah :)
mabruk to all of you dear!!
hope when you step in this path, stay until end :)

haa.. rasanya tu je kot yang nak diulas..
menulis je lebih.. kalau spontan cakap, tak~
uish,, heehe... correct me if i'm wrong orite...
wassalam :)


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