When something goes wrong~

Assalamualaikum boys and girls..
let me speaking a bit in this entry yah! hehe..
see the title above.. I'm sure you are interested into it
especially those who read this now! mabruk!
yerr.. apakah.. :) err.. when something goes wrong....

mad! cry! dissapointed! depressed! burst here and there!
Oh no... there will be a war.. A war? nonsense.. -laugh-

I mean, there must be such feelings right?
haha.. I know lah.. especially girls and so boys.. I think! coz I have brother
lah I know.. huhu..

then, what will you do if something goes wrong?
will you explode? or make your own rain? or just being a doll?
I'm sure you get what I mean..

For me.. I tell you what I have been in..
err,, for me, as something goes wrong or not right..
I'll just check up Myself..
does anything wrong with me???
mean here is...
why the things happen? cause of your lazyness?
cause of your carelessness? or cause of your not focus to it..
umm.. do you understand what I mean?

for me.. if something uneasy happen..
I'll go check my solat.. my Qiamullail.. my reciting Al-Quran..
do I done all that? or do I left that..
thats why something uneasy happen..
I thought..

And when I'm start thinking of it, I just make it clear
and do all the things and pray to Him to relieve my uneasy feeling.
begging to Him.. cry when really regretful what have been done..
'air mata penyesalan'
but! I'm always say that
'jangan sampai ada rasa penyesalan dalam hidupmu'
so, everything we want do, think first!

but remember that.. and always remember..
Allah test is to make us stronger!
Allah miss us so that He gave us tests... don't you grateful for that?
Allah give His attention to you!
Why would you be mad, frust or sad?
why won't just be cool and happy..

"Sesungguhnya Allah bersama orang-orang yang sabar"

haa.. see! If we just be cool and happy, its mean we were try
to be patient..
and Allah is with us!!!

So, moral of the long-long story issss...
just check up yourself when something goes wrong..
especially when you were so down..
just with remembering Allah, hearts will find peace!!

Wassalam! :)
correct if i'm wrong ~


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