Muslim Youth !

Muslim Youth :)

O young people
Hold on to your young fresh blood
For you it will show who you are
So be careful of your thought
emotion and action

O young people
Always make an effort 
to be a better muslim
For you it is not difficult
Lets be the best to help the ummah!

O young people
Try to lead yourself and others
cause they need khalifah
in this last era of the world
to be safe in the hereafter

O young people
Don't play with love
If you not ready to be parents
Cause household need to be build 
with a balance capability

O young people
Love knowledge before you love somebody
cause knowledge make you human
regretting earlier is the best
while after will be worst

O young people
Be cautious of your free time
As it will flew with great things
bring people to do good deeds
please Allah more frequent 

O young people
Do not give up and chase your dream
as Allah will always help
with your great effort not to lose
He will fulfill your wishes 

Wake up young people
Be strong in facing all trials
Be tough when there's mistakes
Be cool facing your opponent
Be brave in everything you do
Be an angel to help others
Be yourself, Be a true muslim
be a Hamasah Asy Syabab!


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